To celebrate the launch of our new kidswear collections, Dangerkids and Little Princess Highway, we are proud to announce that we’ll be donating $30,000 to The Smith Family’s Toy and Book Appeal to help young Australians in need.

The Smith Family was founded in 1922 when five businessmen donated gifts to an orphanage in Sydney on Christmas Eve. Almost 100 years later, The Smith Family revisits their heritage every year by delivering toys and books to children who may otherwise go without on Christmas morning, simply because their families can’t afford it.

Supporting education involves more than just what happens in the classroom – it’s also about enabling positive experiences to help young people feel included. That is why we are joining forces with The Smith Family to help distribute toys and books at Christmas time.

Together with The Smith Family, we’ll help bring smiles to the faces of the children and families in Australia who need it most. After all, it’s only Christmas when we share it.

View the collection here